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Adrian has Bike Fitted and made SIDAS custom footbeds for the likes of Russ and Dean Downing, Graham Briggs, Ian Wilkinson and Dan Fleeman. You don’t need to be an elite cyclist to feel the benefit of bike fitting and a pair of SIDAS footbeds, Adrian can help with sportive, full-sus and hardtail MTB, TT/Tri and Cyclo-cross bikes setups.


See Adrian talk about bike fitting on YouTube


Bike Fit including SIDAS footbeds £185


  • Price £185
  • Rider flexibility and physical assessment-history
  • Setup carried out on your current bike
  • Video comparison between new and old position if needed
  • Includes SIDAS 100% custom footbeds worth £80.00
  • Includes cleat/shoe adjustment
  • Dynamic fit of saddle height and fore/aft position
  • Hip, knee and foot alignment
  • Sizing stem used if needed
  • Road, Time Trial, Triathlon, Cyclo-cross and Full-sus and hardtail MTB bikes
  • Duplicate fit to 2rd bike, ie race bike to training bike at same fitting £40.00extra
  • If 2nd fit on different style ie TT instead of road bike £60.00 extra
  • 2nd pair of SIDAS footbeds at same fitting £70.00
  • 2nd pair of shoes for cleat adjustment £10
  • Leg Length Shims, Cleat Wedges and In The Shoe Wedges extra cost if needed
  • Integrated seatposts cut to size £15 extra
  • Allow 2-3hrs for fit
  • As always free training advice from Adrian


Book an Appointment


To book an appointment Click here for available bike fit appointments, free appointment slots will be hi-lighted in turquoise/blue with a time in the slot, if there is no time in the grey slot the slot is taken.




Re Fits £75.00

* If you have already had a fit with Adrian and would like a follow up refit, or to be fitted to a new bike this does not require a full fit slot, it normally only rquire up to 1 hour to do re fits, please contact us before booking. If new bike bring handlebars un taped. * Book here


Youth Fit £50.00

This is a basic fit to give under 16 a good start point to avoid future issue, it only takes  1 hour, this doesn’t incude footbeds or any extras. Please call 01283716308 for more info. Book here

Price List

Any enquires email


Road/TT bike inc footbeds £185.00
MTB bike inc footbeds £185.00
Extra bike-same type £40.00
Extra bike-different type £60.00
* Follow up * 1 hour £75.00
* New bike re fit * 1 £75.00
Footbeds £80.00
Leg length shims (LLS) £12.00
Wedges (BFW) £3.99
In the sole wedes (ITS) £4.50


Ladies Bike Fit

All of the above Bike Fit included, but with help of Sella Italia and Fizik ladies specific saddles and Bontrager ladies handlebars, plus Sram brake levers that can have their reach shortened.

Bike or frame sizing

If you are trying to decide on the correct size for you this may help,  the £50 charge is refundable if you buy a bike from Cadence Sport.

SIDAS 100% Custom Footbeds

As used by many Pro tour teams, SIDAS high definition 100% custom moulded insoles can be made to support the feet, using the natural biomechanics of the foot and body to auto-position muscles, bones and joints for optimum comfort, balance and performance for any sporting activity.


£129.99 two pairs at same fitting


Leg Length Shims £12each
BFS Wedges £3.99each


Cleat wedges for varus and valgus forefoot correction and leg length discrepancies

  •  2-hole cleats – SPD pedals
  • 3-hole cleats – Look Delta, Look Keo, Shimano SPDSL, Campag and most Time road pedals
  • 4-hole cleats – Speedplay Zero and X series pedals


In the sole wedges £4.50each


One ITS wedge gives a true 1.5 degress of varus tilt and is reversible so can be used for valgus correction in the same shoe. A quick alternative to the Cleat Wedge and is ideal to use with mountain bike shoes.


Duplicate bike position, one bike to another £50.00 per bike


  • Replicate ideal position, one bike to another
  • Cyclo-cross bikes
  • Race bike to winter bike
  • Old bike to new bike
  • Race spare


Bike Fitting and Bespoke Road, TT and Tri bike builds


Supply your own frame and parts, or Cadence can give you advice on what you need and help source the parts.


Cleat wedges for varus and valgus forefoot correction and leg length discrepancies.

  • 2-hole cleats – SPD pedals
  •  3-hole cleats – Look Delta, Look Keo, Shimano SPDSL, Campag and most Time road pedals.
  • 4-hole cleats – Speedplay Zero and X series pedals


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