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It is with great regret and a lot of heart ache that I’m closing the Cadence Sport shop as a retail business, it is a business and personal decision, the shop has become to big for me and far to expensive for what I need, the rent was going up and they wanted a new long term lease, bike fitting has and still is the biggest part of what I do and I don’t need a space as big as I have now to do that. The retail side of things is getting tougher and tougher, the high street is only a smart phone and tablet away, where people can shop 24-7 and find the best price within minutes where ever they are, me included.
On a personal note the shop has been getting me down for quite a while and without my bike as therapy (Zwift included) I’d probably be seeking help, I’ve realised the shop is a big weight on my shoulders and that if I don’t let it go it will drag me down.
I’m still trading as Cadence Sport Limited, i haven’t gone bust, I’ve now got to the point where my trade accounts are all paid which is peace of mind, so any orders I currently have will be honoured.
It has been a though decision to make but the right one, I’ve made lots of new friends the last 7 years, loved passing my knowledge and experience and hopefully I’ll find a way of still doing that, but now I need to do what’s right for me and my family.
I can now concentrate on bike fitting, WHICH YOU CAN STILL BOOK VIA THE ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM ON THE BIKE FIT PAGE, and working out a way of passing on my knowledge and experience. Without your own brand and product retail is tough, my brand and product is me and fitting which is hard for anyone to discount!
I would like to thank everyone for there support the last 7years, customers, staff and family, but especially Nicola and Mollie.
I’ll still be around, apart from now as I’m getting some therapy by climbing mountains.
I will be having a clearance sale when I get back from the Alpes.
l’ll see you all soon,